The Room in the Garden

  The Garden Room is a double room located in a structure detached from the main body of the villa and behind the bar area. The distinctiveness of this room is given by the large windows that replace the walls. It has been designed to establish


The Queen of the Olive Trees

  The Queen of the Olive Trees is a double room that is part of the adjoining Lamia, a modern structure that was subsequently added to the original body. The room, with its own entrance and private bathroom, overlooks the olive grove and orchard that surround


Delia’s Refuge

  Il Rifugio di Delia (Delia’s Refuge) is a suite that is part of the central body of the ancient trullo, adjacent to the Terra di Pietra. The suite, with its own access, has a fireplace at the entrance, today with a predominantly ornamental function, which,

Terra di pietra Hasamami Ostuni

The Land of Stone

  La Terra di Pietra (The Land of Stone) is a Junior Suite that reflects the authentic soul of the ancient Saracen trullo represented by the freshness of the white stone and the charm of an ancient past. The suite, with private bathroom and independent entrance, has