Delia’s Refuge


Il Rifugio di Delia (Delia’s Refuge) is a suite that is part of the central body of the ancient trullo, adjacent to the Terra di Pietra. The suite, with its own access, has a fireplace at the entrance, today with a predominantly ornamental function, which, originally, was probably used to cook simple meals. In front of the fireplace a cosy sitting room with two armchairs, in the Bonjour and Bonne Nuit version, covered with natural fabrics made in Italy by Rubelli, which, in bright colours, take us back in time, telling the story of the Marquis of Carabas. The lighting of the tanks below, formerly used to collect water, helps to create a truly magical atmosphere.

The headboard in organic material made of blue flower petals, recalls the colors of the sea and gives a feeling of well-being.

The colours and designs inspired by nature are also found in the interior bathroom coverings are the Margherite di Mutina (Daisies by Mutina) tiles, hand-drawn and environmentally friendly. The bathroom has a shower with waterfall effect and nebulization.



5 February 2022